A Tiny Lady Working Amongst Trees (and Tall People)

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze me. Working specifically with trees was a journey I began in late 2018, so what better way to share that journey than to start a blog about it? How I’ve missed writing too!

I was tired, drained and physically exhausted. I had been working and at the same time doing bird surveys, monitoring bumblebees, recording butterflies, surveying trees, reporting data… I was just trying to do too much. Then a chance conversation happened with a friend/mentor, when he remarked, “Why don’t you choose something to specialise in? Something you’re passionate about? You’re a person who likes detail and delving under the layers; we can all see that light in your eyes when you do that.” So after much thought and following my gut instinct, I chose to connect more deeply with TREES.

Studying and busy working in forestry, arboriculture, tree surveying as well as woodland management and consultancy, makes me very grateful for my choices. I’m thoroughly enjoying my tree journey (with a particular fondness for ancient and veteran trees)! It’s a great feeling being on terra firma looking up at a giant of a tree but being up in a tree’s canopy – climbing in sync with its grain and form – has also given me a completely different perspective of seeing the earth from a tree’s point of view.

I love the fact that trees are the oldest living organisms on this planet; they were here way before the dinosaurs, and still live on today. I feel this great connection with trees; when I’m among them they would whisper with their leaves rustling in the wind. When I put my hand on their bark I can feel their spirit pulsing through my veins. When they open up their leaves towards the sun I feel that same warmth tingling on my face. This intrinsic connection makes it even more real.

I realise: My place is here amongst the giants.

“She had so deep a kinship with the trees, so intuitive a sympathy with leaf and flower, that it seemed as if the blood in her veins was not slow-moving human blood, but volatile sap.”

– Mary Webb, ‘Gone to Earth’

14 thoughts on “A Tiny Lady Working Amongst Trees (and Tall People)

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  1. Good luck in your journey studying and caring for trees. They need to loved and cared for by everyone. It is essential to have people like you with your passion for them, to help us all understand their importance and how best we can all look after them now and into the future.

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    1. Lovely to hear, Cheryl, of your feeling and passion for trees. I know the trees themselves will appreciate this. You may be a’tiny lady’ but I am sure you will achieve great things

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  2. So beautiful and what a wonderful way to share your adventures! Love the outdoors, nature and all it has to give us. There is so much to learn, I love your passion. I too find blogging therapeutic and I enjoy your blog! ❤️ ~ Diana

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