My Celebration of Trees

Just thought I’d share some of my favourite tree photographs which I have taken so far on this inspirational journey. Trees are such an absolute joy to be around with!

‘The General’ at Horner Wood, 500 years old
The oldest tree in Cornwall (or one of the oldest), a graceful English Oak
My ‘octopus’ Quercus Petraea on Ladies’ Mile near Trentishoe, West Exmoor
Meeting the gentle giant amongst a spectrum of colours on a trip to Dublin, Ireland

4 thoughts on “My Celebration of Trees

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  1. Beautiful pictures! My favourite tree is the Suffrage Oak in Glasgow. It was planted in 1918 to celebrate some women getting the vote, and survived intact until 2017 when it was badly damaged in a storm. Thankfully, each spring so far has brought some regrow this so it’s still alive.

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    1. Hi Anabel glad you like my pictures. The Suffrage Oak sounds amazing! I love an English Oak, it’s so resilient despite all the harsh conditions it very often faces. Have you got a photo of it? x


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