Networking Like Trees

A couple of days ago I visited Dartington Hall in Totnes with the ATF (Ancient Tree Forum). It was my first ATF event and being tremendously interested and involved with surveying ancient and veteran trees I thought it would be great to meet others who are as passionate about trees as I am.

A true veteran beech in Dartington estate

As I expected, it was a brilliant morning of walking in the sunshine, learning from ancient and veteran tree experts, meeting new faces and exchanging ideas. These lovely exchanges reminded me of how trees connect and support one another through their amazing ways above and under ground.

“When trees grow together, nutrients and water can be optimally divided among them all so that each tree can grow into the best tree it can be. Their well-being depends on their community, and when the supposedly feeble trees disappear, the others lose as well. When that happens, the forest is no longer a single closed unit.”

‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben

Being one who isn’t fearful of a challenge or learning new things, I often seek the advice of people who have more knowledge. And how lucky have I been to meet people who unconditionally share with me, their love and understanding of trees. Since my journey with trees started, I’ve had such great support from really good people who want me to do well; they too believe that we should all work together to benefit the conservation of our treescapes.

As my self-development continues, I feel more confident each time to have a conversation about trees and the issues we face in this changing climate. Thus I must send my heartfelt thanks to the mentors, thinkers and challengers I have crossed paths with, each enabling me to build up a strength and nurture a deeper understanding of trees.

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