It has been an interesting week for this tiny lady.

Through somewhat brisk (and snotty) conditions, I have managed to clock a few steps this week. Back-breakingly searching through long molinia grass on the moors for signs of harvest mice has definitely contributed to it. What people don’t realise, is that my step count is very different to the average step count, where two of my steps = one stride of an average person’s.

So actually, I am cheating on the pedometer, just a LITTLE bit.

Exmoor ponies… Always a joy to see.

Planting rice is never fun
Bent from morn till the set of sun,
Cannot stand and cannot sit,
Cannot rest for a little bit.”

But planting bulbs, aha! Now that’s something else. Here are some Cyclamen bulbs we planted this week.

To be inspired at the end of a week is certainly a good thing. I was at my first Royal Forestry Society (RFS) AGM and a quick glance around the room would suggest that I was probably the youngest person there.

The highlight of the evening was a talk – Rewilding the Knepp Estate – by Sir Charlie Burrell. He has turned an intensively farmed 3,500 acre estate with failing soil conditions into an absolute gem where animals roam free; through natural processes ingrained in their DNA, these animals have restored the ecology of the land which has resulted in a cascading effect of a place teeming with wildlife. The team’s dedication, achievements and how Nature has bounced back in such a small space of time was truly inspirational, and made me reflect on how we can get things done if we put our minds to it.

On that note I shall be spending my weekend “getting things done” by studying for my forestry course. Pray I don’t get too distracted!

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