Orchard Tree Planting Day

Last Thursday a few of us and some volunteers headed over to our neighbouring estate to plant some fruit trees.

The drive over revealed how cold it had been in the night

Seeing a decent white dusting over the moors was certainly refreshing as we have been quite disillusioned by the constant rain and dark clouds. I don’t know if this is the calm before the storm, as March is always uncertain, but I enjoyed such scenes nonetheless.

Getting a briefing about our day’s task

Our tree planting started off on a bright note though! As the brilliant gold decided to creep out behind the grey, the grey dissipated and what was left was just a calm blueness. We started digging and very quickly the chilly morning air was filled with our snowy white breaths as we successfully broke a sweat.

In the end we managed to plant 25 fruit trees and doubled the size of the existing orchard. Result! Hopefully in a few years time we will see these trees flourishing. More trees in the landscape, yayyy!

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