Just a weekend photo post featuring three beautiful vistas that I had taken on my phone.

In the Cotswolds

The first one was taken on a lovely sunny day in October, as I was walking around a lake in the Cotswolds. This was the beginning of Autumn, as you can see the trees showing off that slight yellow tinge. I really love the way the trees look like they’re flowing across the panorama, almost eternally frozen in the reflection on the surface of calmness, the sky and canopy at one.

A moorland scene made eclectic with Autumn colours

My other significant vista was taken a month after the first photo above. In this November panorama, most of the bracken on the moors have ‘rusted over’, the brown seeping into the trees and their shades of orange and yellow.

Winter silhouettes at The Vyne in Basingstoke

Lastly, a winter tree vista taken at The Vyne this year: I always love observing the woody form and structure of a tree in wintertime, as it is not always easy to see in summer when leaves are flourishing. Despite the sweet bitterness of the season, it is the best time to marvel at the texture, shape and resilience of these giants.

What are some of your favourite vistas?

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