The Power of Being in Nature

The sun was out, the sky was blue, the birds were calling so we took another stroll into the small woodland and round the lake where we live.

Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis) or ‘Lady’s Smock’

Walking on the grassy verge we spotted this lovely spring wildflower – the Cuckoo Flower – or also known as ‘Lady’s Smock’. This pretty lilac pink flower historically opens around the same time as when the cuckoo starts calling. The early appearance of this little flower is unusual as cuckoos are normally heard in late April, so perhaps this signifies that Nature is reacting to the change in our environment.

Contemplating my love for trees

A red admiral butterfly flutters by, followed almost immediately by a peacock butterfly, fast and fleeting. A pheasant scarpers upon hearing the cracking sound of twigs under our feet. Walking round the lake we stop to listen to the wrens and chiffchaffs singing freely in the trees, the lake rippling due to the south-easterly winds, something which the geese didn’t seem to mind.

The last few weeks have felt like the Covid-19 situation and lockdown has been moving at a snail’s pace, and with our social and physical movements being scrutinised I have heard from friends that they’ve felt uneasy going out for their daily exercises, wondering what people might think, or worse, even trying not to look like they’re enjoying themselves too much! I think it’s a shame that some of us feel like we have to hide our true feelings, though it is the unprecedentedness of the situation that shifts us deep down in a way that we haven’t felt before.

As I wrap my arms around an ash tree, embracing that sense of permanence, I feel certain that in times like these we need to find solace in Nature’s gifts and our love for natural spaces. Without them there would be nowhere to ease our heavy hearts and we would not be open to receive inspiration, calmness, peace and show gratitude for what we have in our lives.

Our natural environment is forgiving and supports us in unconditional ways; we will get through this with the strength we find in ourselves and our unadulterated connection to Nature.

With a wind-swept willow tree

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