Today I feel uplifted.

I simply cannot describe the exact feeling: It’s a tightness in my heart centre – not a bad one – but a nervous excitable energy knowing that I’m on the right path with my passion for trees.

I was talking to a good friend today as he was feeling a bit down. We both share very similar outlooks on life, and when reminding him that feelings of self-doubt and insecurity are only trying to throw us off our path, it served as a note to myself that I need to stick to what I’ve set my heart on doing, and that I am doing all the right things to continue exploring this tree journey.

I’ve always been keen to try everything I could put my mind and time to; I was flitting from one thing to the next like a bee to flower. Now looking back at my younger self I realise that perhaps it was FOMO I was suffering from – the Fear Of Missing Out – which propelled me to be in 10 places at one time even though I couldn’t physically or mentally do everything. However when I chose to specialise in trees, all the frills fell away and the path looked pin sharp. It was going to be trees for me and I knew it.

These past couple of weeks have been particularly challenging, especially since it’s the UK national COVID lockdown as well. So many people I know have been struggling with the uncertainty of their futures; not being able to plan ahead and seemingly losing control of what’s coming. A negative voice pipes up occasionally and poses as a distraction to what we truly believe in. It made me think of how as humans we like to have control of everything and hate being disappointed.

‘Expectations versus reality.’

As an aspiring tree worker, I find myself at the crossroads again. There are so many different career paths in the study of trees, you can be a forester, arborist, climbing arborist, tree surveyor, nursery worker, researcher, dendrologist, woodland consultant, soil scientist, etc. and the list goes on. Since I started working with trees I have tried a few things and I believe I know where my interests lie. However the eternal question is, what do I have to do to get there?

So far, I am grateful for my instincts and for what the universe has sent me. Through this journey I have met so many amazing people in the industry who have inspired, spurred me on and mentored me. Most importantly they BELIEVE in me, and that in turn strengthens my self-belief.

“We have all got to start somewhere!” – Joe

That nervous little ball of excitement in my heart centre started this morning when I found out I was going to assist a mentor next week on a woodland survey to learn about carbon capture. Then this afternoon, after a brave email I sent out to someone I’d only met twice and really respected in the profession, I received a really positive reply from him, saying he was happy to mentor me! Needless to say I was super chuffed, the courage paid off.

I hope we can all remind ourselves from time to time that if we have committed to pursuing something, we can see the path we are walking on even if the mist sets in and clouds our vision. Instinctively we know that we are heading in the right direction so even if our straight path leads us to turn right, acknowledge that life is trying to tell us something. Go with the flow!

Through our journeys of discovery do not be afraid to listen to our gut instincts because they are often right for that moment in time.

Take a deep breath, re-centre and be grateful for what you have.

You’re doing great.

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  1. You are indeed on a path to discovery! I applaud your insight about your own inner life and your courage in forging ahead even through this very challenging time! I am looking forward to reading more about where your journey takes you.

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