Lock and Release

I am close to completing a carbon sequestration sampling and woodland surveying job with my mentor in a lovely Cornish woodland. By estimating how much carbon a woodland can capture, you gain knowledge of the potential a woodland has in order to better manage it for the onset of climate change.

It’s been fun learning new survey techniques and continuing to absorb knowledge, just like trees absorb carbon (excuse the pun). Carbon sequestration was something that I have always been keen to know more about, ever since I first started understanding its processes.

Apart from constantly moving uphill, downhill and diagonally across vast wooded spaces all day, the work and fine weather did give me a chance to document the beauty of Nature.

There were moments when it was impossible not to capture the signs of Spring, as everything seemed to be coming alive. I do enjoy photographing the weird and wonderful corners of a woodland that people would normally not notice unless they were really paying attention.

Getting the data was a major part of the day of course, and good teamwork made it easier for us to power through the sample plots. Even though I was waning towards the end of each day and my feet were sore from covering so much ground, the experience and knowledge gained has been priceless.

As I continue to lock that knowledge in my brain and release when necessary (another carbon capture pun!), my respect for trees and their amazing capabilities grows everyday.

What would we do without the oldest living organisms on the planet? I cannot imagine.

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