One of my favourite spots to go and contemplate in is my local woodland reserve.

I remember how I was feeling on this day a few years ago. I was at a crossroads in my career, having been through a few setbacks despite knowing deep down that I was good enough for progression but just denied the opportunity, even though I was working hard for it. I was doing a million and one things for the love of Nature – exhausted – but not having a particular focus of my path ahead. The mental battles were raging in my mind.

Thankfully I also had the whole woodland to myself so I could sit and walk alone in reflection, drawing energy from the trees and Nature around me.

It was literally days after this that I met my mentor and THE REST IS HISTORY!

If you ever are struggling to see the road ahead, please remember how far you’ve come. It’s your journey that has made you who you are, and how much you’ve achieved mentally and spiritually that will pave your aspirations forward. Be grateful but also give yourself some credit for your hard work, because although you may doubt yourself at times or feel overwhelmed, just remember how much you’ve learned about life and what you love.

Take care of yourselves, sending big hugs to you all.

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