The Queen and Her Trees

Yesterday I stood in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace in London, our late Queen in my thoughts. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had always championed trees and nature; it was a much loved subject and over her reign she had planted many trees, some of those on their way to become ancients of the future.

The 2022 Queen’s Green Canopy in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

This year for the Queen’s Green Canopy 70 ancient trees and 70 ancient woodlands across the UK have been designated to mark this unique planting initiative and to commemorate the Queen’s 70 years of tireless service. I am grateful to have seen one of these magnificent ancient trees – The Signing Oak – in Windsor. The ‘Queen’s Green Planet’ documentary also showed her immense love for trees in the company of her good friend Sir David Attenborough. She was a remarkable woman who gave her whole existence to the people; her sense of duty, grace and a timeless presence transcended all boundaries, backgrounds and ages. The mother and grandmother of people, she too had been through her fair share of grief, turbulence and challenges, while her strength, stoicism and steadfastness remained.

The Signing Oak at Windsor, one of 70 ancient trees designated in the UK.

When I look at an ancient tree, I think of all the history it has seen, the trials and tribulations, the lessons learned and celebrate the wonderful biodiversity it hosts. There is a special eternal quality to an ancient tree, one that surpasses time and space. Likewise, the Queen is a special specimen of the human race and we shall never see another strong woman, someone so iconic and respected across the continents, bring people together the way she did.

The end of an era… Rest in peace Ma’am and thank you for everything. 🌳🌳🌳.

(Banner photo credit: The Telegraph)

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