‘Happy’ International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day. Do I feel ok? To be honest I’ve been struggling lately.

Historically as women we’ve had many expectations of us: To be able to keep on top of everything, to play nice (or not), to be amiable, to be able to compromise and sacrifice. We live in a world and society built mostly for men (did you know that seatbelts were designed for the male torso in mind and not how it would impact the female body?) And don’t even get me started on tools and PPE, which is slowly making a shift as more women step into male-dominated roles. Even with increased awareness, we are still having to constantly remind others (not just men) that we have an equal place in this world, without the subjugation of the patriarchy.

That aside, I wake up some days and anxiety grips me (like today) when I could’ve been out working in the woods. Not saying that mental health is a gender exclusive problem but I know I shouldn’t have to put on my “happy Cheryl” face if I’m feeling shit as it’s definitely not a true reflection of how I’m feeling.

Which makes me wonder, has this habit been ingrained from a long time ago and influenced by what has been constructed around us?

All I’m asking at the moment is for men to please respect and be better communicators with us, because it’s often the things you don’t do or say that makes us feel worse.

Thank you to the men who have been there for me, you know who you are. 🙏🏻

The women in my life? You have all been frickin’ amazing because together we say it as it is and embrace the good, bad and the ugly. ❤️

‘Happy’ International Women’s Day.
From the dormouse under my blanket.

2 thoughts on “‘Happy’ International Women’s Day

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  1. Cheryl, it’s a raw day in March – stay under the blanket and feel great about it.
    Speaking for all men (did you know I’ve been elected as spokesman for All Men? 😁). It’s really really hard to know what it is you have not said, let alone understand the impact that has had. Compassion is everything. If you communicate with love, putting the other person’s needs before your own, you will do better. In those times when we miscommunicate, if we do so with love then the negative effect will be less.
    Men can be much better at putting on the brave face than women, we do so when it is inappropriate as well well as when it’s needed.
    If we accept that failure to communicate is inevitable then we are left having to rely on one another’s love.


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