UCI KoolGrip Arctic Thermal Dual Latex Gloves (Size 7 / Small)

– Contact heat level 2 tested for use up to 250°C and contact cold level 1
– Shipping weight 99.8g
£3.99 on Amazon Prime
(Update 16/2/2021: This has since gone up to £7.99)

3 March 2020 – First time using these today for forestry work. As my old gloves were wearing thin and letting lots of water in – terrible on a cold winter’s day – I wanted to find a pair of gloves that kept my fingers dry(ish) and warm. Came across this pair on Amazon and was suitably impressed by the reviews; what was there to lose with that price tag?

First impressions: They feel like a sturdy, decent pair of gloves. The orange colour is great as it’s highly visible in a woodland setting so not easy to lose amongst the bracken. With a thin fleece lining inside, they slid comfortably onto my smaller hands. There was still a little bit of room to manoeuvre but not loose enough that they would slip off. Glove fingers were thick and spongy but not too thick that you can’t feel what you’re holding. Throughout the day of clearing brash and handling timber they stayed on nicely and the fleece lining made it warm too. Mud didn’t tend to stick to it too badly and it was easily brushed off the ‘fine pebble dash like’ coating.

Two days later I used these gloves again to do some hazel coppicing work. It was a rather rainy day thus was a good test for them. The gloves grip well in the wet and amongst the damp ground layer they stayed waterproof, even though I did get them a bit dirtier. After using them continuously throughout the morning and slipping them off after I was delighted to find that my hands were not wet at all.

My verdict is that I’m well impressed by the quality and functionality of these gloves, and will definitely recommend them to others.
(My rating: 4.8/5)

2 thoughts on “UCI KoolGrip Arctic Thermal Dual Latex Gloves (Size 7 / Small)

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  1. Thanks for the review Cheryl. Impartial thoughts on gear is always valuable.
    It would be great to read an update sometime as to their use relating to heat and cold.
    Seems like a great value product. Thanks for your blog.
    Sending best wishes

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