Like a Flowing River

“Life gets in the way”, says a friend of mine. Actually he’s not the only person who has openly expressed that sentiment, although I have never really agreed with it.

I am aware that I haven’t written in a long while; one might say that life did get in the way but for me it’s been more like ‘life has been flowing along with me’. Life isn’t an obstacle, it’s the now and it’s happening. Like a beaver building a dam, it isn’t obstructing the course of water, but enabling the river to evolve and be more diverse.

My life has been like that since my last post. We have moved next to my favourite local wood, I have had doors open with opportunities beckoning, and most importantly I have embarked on some major steps forward to becoming trained and qualified to work in the land of giants.

Starting my chainsaw qualifications, I’ve been working hard trying to get the knowledge and technical skills drilled in, practising in felling conifers, trees that have traditionally been planted for timber. Although I do love all trees great and small, I also understand the process of regeneration and importance of growth for the sustainable benefit of other plant and tree species. In my journey to become a forester, woodswoman and arborist, I accept that such training is necessary for me to care for woods and trees, and it is to my relief that the circle of people around me get it too.

I have also been learning about practical forestry from my mentor Rupert, as he teaches me how to measure timber stacks. Although it is never my intention to go fully into commercial forestry, I always knew I wanted to learn about the field to nurture a better understanding of sustainable woodland management and its processes.

Measuring a timber stack

Whatever the future holds, it is clear to me that it definitely involves trees. Though my heart has already scaled up a tree to its canopy, my mind is aware to pace myself and garner the skills required to get there.

With each step forward my passion for trees grows, with each bead of sweat rolling down my forehead I gain another level of understanding in tree conservation.

Don’t wish me luck. Like a flowing river just enjoy the journey with me.

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