‘Higher’ Education

I am definitely one for sharing and exchanging skills or knowledge.

My friend Sam and I decided to do another spot of climbing the other day after we finished a woodland site survey. Sam reckons he has much to learn from me in terms of woodland management, ancient and veteran trees, etc. but I have loads to learn from him when it comes to scaling trees.

There is so much information these days at our fingertips and you can pick up almost ANYTHING from the internet. However when it comes to climbing a tree – in a professional and safe manner – you simply have to do it with the help of a qualified friend or through proper training.

The session was great; I enjoyed it tree-mendously although my arms did ache the next day. Went even higher this time and climbed two trees. Again, love being in the canopy, love the stillness up there and being able to see like a tree was an unparalleled feeling.

Another day up high, another day of learning.

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