I See You Trees

Lately I have been looking at trees a lot. Somehow I find myself unable to get away from trees – never a bad thing of course as I love them – but they seem to be appearing everywhere. Especially ‘special’ ones that have made an impression on me.

Imagine if you were working as a visitor welcome assistant at a major attraction, where crowds of people come and go everyday. You say hello, greet them with a smile and most of the time you’ll get a short response back as they walk past you. Except there are some really special visitors whom when you say hello to, say hello back and crack a joke or lock eyes with you and tell you how much they’re looking forward to their visit, or someone who gives you a pat on the shoulder and tells you how much they appreciate what you’re doing. These are the ones you remember out of the hundreds and thousands who walk past; these are the ones who have made an impression.

Similarly, I come across many trees on my journey and there are some that I particularly notice because of their uniqueness and features, each tree with its own personality. Here are some special trees I’ve looked at this week.


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