Don’t Let Your Mind Grind You Down

It was a tough day yesterday, a very physical work day that had left me in complete exhaustion. 

Interspersed in all of that was news that I hadn’t done very well in a trial project report which I’ve been trying to deliver. I’ve had a really busy few weeks of site surveys, cramming data, learning new mapping platforms and very often staring at the computer screen not knowing what to do, asking for help and guidance but feeling like I didn’t want to impose on other people, even though I was welcomed to.

Like any normal human being, I have good days and I have bad days. In retrospect, the bad days haven’t amounted to too many and most of the time I have my overthinking, silly brain to blame.

Having not written anything in awhile I’ve come to realise that I write through impulse and incidences; feeling my lows and highs definitely gets the words out.

Looking at where I am now, it brings forth the idea that when you set an intention by putting your focus and heart into something, things really do fall into place and the right people proceed to come into your life. I had come from a murky place a few years back when I was trying to find my way forward, getting knocked down yet getting up again each and every single time, stubbornly refusing to give up. In the past six months however, opportunities have just surfaced from all directions for me to say yes or no to, offering insights to my future in the industry. After these last couple of years of hard work and persistence, I would like to think I’m in a better state mentally, physically and emotionally, continuing to pursue this male-dominated forestry and arboriculture profession which I have chosen to go into. However in my haze of tears and exhaustion yesterday I needed my loved ones and good friends to remind me of how far I’ve come. 

It’s important to recognise ourselves for the hard work we put in that got us to where we are today. Often we become too obsessed with striving for perfection, and just simply neglecting to give ourselves a pat on the back. 

Be strong, be courageous and don’t be afraid to take risks. Most importantly let’s not be too hard on ourselves. For when the time comes where you can comfortably look back at where the starting point originated from, you will be so much wiser, happier and more grateful for the journey you’ve embarked on.

“If you can’t be anything, be kind.”

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