Starting Point

When I posted my first Instagram image for on the 30th of October 2020, never would I have imagined how positive the response would be!

I think most people relate to trees and the people who spend time with trees. There is something quite alluring about seeing a tree in its natural surroundings and noticing the atmosphere through imagery. Like an instinctive reaction, it’s akin to a bee to pollen, the draw of magnetic fields and how human emotions are triggered by our senses.

What a year it has been, sharing my ups and downs. I thank all those who have walked that visual journey with me, as well as the ones (you reading this!) that have shared in my blog reflections.

I’m also really glad to receive messages from so many of you – words of encouragement, thoughts on my journey, well wishes – but most significantly, I really appreciate those who have put themselves out there, reached out and asked me how I got started in the industry, because you would like to start a career in conservation and work with trees too. This always takes me back to when I first decided to specialise in trees and was similarly looking for guidance; now I naturally wish to pay it forward as I myself have also received invaluable advice from my mentors.

My advice to any budding tree worker is to throw yourself in the deep end and experience what you think you would like to pursue. Get networking, make friends with people who share similar interests and align yourself with good mentors to guide you along the way. Get volunteering, ask questions, learn ferociously and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you will want to get it right next time! Doing courses in your chosen field, attending webinars and listening to podcasts are also great ways to undertake issues facing your subject today and allows you to gain more perspective and theoretical understanding. Lastly, always maintain a positive outlook on your journey and keep that attitude going.

I have recently been asked to do an interview for the Whitelands Project blog, so if it’s of any use do visit the link and have a read. I hope you will be inspired to do your part for conservation and perhaps one day join us amongst the trees!

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