Getting Off The Ground

Having not posted on my blog for a few months, I think it’s about time to get us up to speed with what’s been happening since the last post!

Forgive me for getting off the ground so quickly. Here goes…

Trying not to get too knotted up in my brain 🙂
I literally got off the ground, done my tree climbing and aerial rescue training and passed!

My excuse for not posting is definitely due to being swamped with work and conservation, me being a busy bee as always. I’ve been experiencing lots of arboriculture work to gain a better understanding of individual trees, comprehending their strengths and weaknesses and working out their biomechanics. We also had to squeeze in quite a bit of storm clearance work due to the powerful Storm Arwen.

On a local job near Exmoor
Carrying out warden duties at RSPB Chapel Wood, clearing windblown trees after Storm Arwen.

I encountered a few beautiful trees and autumn woodscapes on my work/training/survey days and they were definitely impressionable.

Leading up to Christmas I was contacted by a brilliant forest survey company – who have been at the forefront with their surveying technology and software – to carry out some work for them. With ample one-to-one training, I was traipsing through large areas of forest in the Southwest, collecting data for forest research and to advise future woodland management.

Then I was alone, having been given the reigns to my first project. It was definitely an interesting time of solitude and I’m so glad I enjoy my own company. However you can never be too alone in a forest, with the occasional trilling of birds and sights of deer bounding ahead of you.

So that in a nutshell, was how the past few months have gone. Quickly!

(Official gear by Arbortec)

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