In The Spotlight

As some of you already know, my background was in media and mass communication. I have always enjoyed photographing people, seeing the world spin around us from behind my camera lens. I’ve done a few things in the spotlight in tv and radio broadcasting, but it was a VERY LONG TIME AGO and to be honest, I still prefer being behind the lens.

Having just celebrated my one year anniversary of becoming an Arbortec Forestwear ambassador, I have learned a great deal about ‘becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable’ when posting videos of myself on my socials, like on Instagram, where I’m extremely grateful for the support of everyone who has connected and followed my journey so far.

This year especially, has been a ‘getting the message out there’ year for me as I’ve been approached by several media organisations, publications and projects to do interviews, podcasts and share my journey with people, in the hope of inspiring more people into conservation and to the industry.

Life On The Hedge podcast

I recorded a snippet for a new podcast channel by the Tree Council called ‘Life On The Hedge‘, which focuses on not only the wonderful biodiversity of our UK hedgerows, but through each episode we get to hear from young people who are starting their careers in conservation, as well as from professionals in the industry sharing their insights.

I have been so busy with work I hadn’t even wished you a Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to all you women smashing it! 💪 👩
A few months ago I was very honoured to be elected as a committee member for the Royal Forestry Society (Southwest) and was also featured on their International Women’s Day blog. #breakthebias was the trending hashtag and most definitely we should! I hope more women and ethnic minorities get the opportunity to experience nature in a way that I have, and find their own passion in conservation and love for the outdoors.

There are more exciting projects in the pipeline so I will do my best to keep you updated! In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing, enjoy your path and do the best you can for Nature.

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